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Home on the Range

The newest addition to what was already an impressive offering, in 2015 we opened the new Driving Range at Pine Knot. This now makes us the most complete golf course facility in the London Area. This range facility was built with all in mind from the beginning golfer to the most experienced and everything in between.  The range is available for anyone looking to hit balls. With it's own parking lot accessible from Hamilton Rd., or access by walking from the golf course, this facility is one of a kind. The Range has many great features including an automatic ball machine that Credit Cards or purchased tickets, a 20,000 square foot natural grass elevated tee box, and a 75 foot "TeeLine " artificial tee surface that you can put a golf tee into. The range is a roomy 325 yards long making it ideal for even the longest hitters, the 5 measured grass target greens give you many options to fine tune your iron play, and our custom shortgame area featuring 3 bunkers, 2 target greens, at a length of over 100 yards lets you work on the part of your game most amateurs struggle with. One trip to this range and you will know that you have found the place to grow your game, or just a place to have a great time with family and friends.

Bucket Prices

$6     Small/Warm-up Bucket  (approx. 30 balls)
driving range balls
$11   Medium Bucket               (approx. 60 balls)
$16   Large Bucket                    (approx. 90 balls)
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